Skincare & Pregnancy with Dr. Patricia Lo, MD

Breakouts Wreaking Havoc on your Pregnancy Glow!

The team behind our signature serums at Versine includes Dr. Patricia Lo, a board-certified OBGYN currently in private practice in California. 

In this blog post, Dr. Lo takes a look at what's causing acne during pregnancy, and what you can do about it!

Dr. Patricia Lo

The Versine Promise:
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Versine products are beautiful, effective, and made with pregnancy in mind.

We carefully select science-backed active ingredients with the most demanding safety profiles. Address fine lines, pregnancy breakouts, or dull skin, and relax in the knowledge the products are absolutely safe during pregnancy (and all other times!).

If painful pimples are wreaking havoc on your pregnancy glow, you are not alone!

Many women experience frustrating new breakouts or worsening acne during their pregnancies. In fact, pregnancy acne is one of the most common skin concerns that I hear about in my obstetric practice everyday.

Why is it happening?

Pregnancy acne can arise at any time during your pregnancy. You probably guessed correctly -- it's your hormones.

Hormones such as androgens create increased oil and sebum production. Increased sebum can clog skin follicles which lead to bacteria buildup and blemishes.

This can start as early at 6 weeks and continue into the third trimester.

Women with a history of acne may experience more severe symptoms. However, even women who do not have acne prior to pregnancy may be plagued by new onset blemishes.

Yet another not-so-glamourous aspect of your pregnancy.

The good news is that pregnancy acne can be treated!

Here are four simple complexion-clearing tips:

~ 1 ~ 

Use a gentle facial cleanser twice daily and wash your hair on a regular basis.

~ 2 ~ 
Avoid scrubbing your skin and picking at your skin to lessen acne scars.

~ 3 ~
Moisturize with an oil free moisturizer and choose oil-free cosmetics.

~ 4 ~

SPF! Extra sun protection will help to prevent post acne pigmentation.

Over the counter products

Contrary to what many women think, there *are* pregnancy safe skincare topical treatment options available over the counter (OTC).

In particular, OTC products containing azelaic acid have been shown to be effective and safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. That's why azelaic acid is used in Versine's serum for acne prone skin.

Not only does azelaic acid have antimicrobial properties, it is also effective in decreasing inflammation, meaning it can help with discoloration and brightening of the skin.

Other active ingredients often used for the treatment of pregnancy acne include topical benzyl peroxide, topical salicylic acid and glycolic acid. However, these ingredients are not universally recommended; so please check with your own doctors before proceeding. Your doctor can also discuss antibiotics and other prescribed options with you.

Acne products to AVOID during pregnancy include isotretinoin and other retinoids. Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor and ask for treatment options! Dr. Yin from Versine has more information on common ingredients to avoid in her blog post, here.

Pregnancy can be challenging but with some simple steps, hopefully acne can be one less distraction from the more exciting parts of your pregnancy!

In many cases, treatment can lead to improved results in a few weeks.

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