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Preventing Stretch Marks and Varicose Veins
Join board-certified OBGYN Dr. Patricia Lo as she outlines clinically effective ways to prevent and treat stretch marks and varicose veins during pregnancy. What works, what's a waste of money, and what is Centella asiatica - the answers may surprise you!
 Battling Splotchy Skin Tone during Pregnancy
50%-70% of women experience melasma during pregnancy. The good news is that it often improves by itself a few months postpartum. There are also some safe and effective active ingredients that can help, like azelaic acid, vitamin C, and niacinamide. Sun protection helps, too - as always!
Breakouts Wreaking Havoc on your Pregnancy Glow!
In this blog post, Dr. Lo takes a look at what's causing acne during pregnancy, and what you can do about it. Some simple complexion-clearing tips, plus what OTC products are safe to use during pregnancy.
Q&A with Dr. Yin: Pregnancy Skin Changes
In this post with Dr. Yin we address some of the skin issues that occur for many women when pregnant, and how to take action!
Q&A with Dr. Yin: Pregnancy & Skincare Safety
Retinoids. Essential oils. Salicylic acid. What's safe, and what's questionable? Dr. Yin explains.
What Sunscreen to Wear for the Coral Reef?

Is your sunscreen killing the coral reef? Honestly – it’s complex.

Chemical v. Mineral Sunscreen (A Skirmish)
What are the pros and cons of physical / mineral sunscreens versus chemical sunscreens?
Benzene (Carcinogen) in Certain Sunscreens
Should you be worried that a carcinogen was found in (very select) sunscreens?
Is Your Sunscreen Actually Safe? A Summary.
Is your sunscreen actually safe, for you and the environment? A quick-and-dirty summary.