Our Creed

Scientific Formulations

We trust experts. Our ingredients are selected through a process of extensive literature review, and in consultation with a panel of relevant scientists and doctors. Our goal is to create stress-free and safe products that work and bring pleasure.

Asian toddler looking trustingly at mother while drinking from milk bottle.

Because assessments of the safety and efficacy of many skincare ingredients are incomplete or inconclusive, we adopt a conservative approach to ingredient selection. When doubt exists, taking into account ingredient concentration and interactions, we leave it out.

We believe it’s the best way to safely bring you healthy, beautiful skin, worry-free.

Environmental Awareness

Caring for our planet is no longer an option. At Versine, we commit to minimizing our environmental impact. Here are five steps we have taken so far:


Create multitasking products to achieve the same results with less.


Use recyclable glass bottles and paper in place of plastic, which is rarely recycled, even if recyclable.


Remove plastic bottles and plant trees with our partner Greenspark. Check our progress here.


Limit unnecessary packaging to reduce waste.


Reject animal-derived products and animal-testing.

We understand that sustainability is a complex issue, especially in our interconnected world. It requires constant inquiry and improvements, and we promise to always strive for better and be consciously clean, not just in our products, but also in how we treat the planet.

Ode to Fun!

We believe skincare should be fun and indulgent. Though efficacy and safety is key, skincare isn’t just utilitarian. Why have dull (pun intended) skincare when you can have lush textures and vibrant designs that brighten your day?

Asian female with healthy, glowing skin sitting and laughing