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We get the details right.

For better or worse, I have been (delightedly) obsessive over details my entire life. The trait has accompanied me from Duke University to Harvard Law, from corporate litigation to domestic violence prosecutor. Perfectionism, with all its problems, is in my DNA. 

We now apply the same devotion to precision and quality to our products at Versine.

Why was it so baffling (and time consuming!) to work out what was safe for pregnancy?

The Versine journey started with my pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy, I based my skincare choices on celebrity endorsements. Then, baby in uterus, and cue the compulsive research. Like many other women, I learned that numerous cosmetic ingredients, even “natural” ones, are not recommended during pregnancy and nursing (or broadly beneficial, for that matter).

Further, it was just so time consuming. Each brand had its own standard. Articles and blogs offered opinions with little to no support, and it can be hard to discern materiality even when specific data does exist.

I felt frustrated by the lack of clear guidance and options. There had to be a better way… On the last day of 2019, I took the plunge and left my job to create Versine.

Now, I create skincare products in consultation with doctors and cosmetic formulators (because Google search is fine, but trained experts are better).

The products are high-quality, effective, multitasking, and suited for all stages of life – including pregnancy and nursing.

Oh, and delightfully indulgent. That’s important, too. I want to luxuriate in my skincare routine, worry-free, even for just a moment. I bet you do, too.

Asian female founder Jennie Gao with her husband and two daughters.

Founder Jennie Gao with the fam

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